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Dear ones,

I have not posted for a great length of time here.  My brain has been preoccupied with beginning a new pastoral internship, searching for paid employment and hungering for the new food that our Beloved might offer to me next. Apologies for my slacking here.

I have been working on a blog for my worship community, Sophia’s Rain.  I encourage you to check out the different ways we are encountering our Beloved and striving to fight against the great virus that has threatened to overwhelm so many of us.

Until we meet on the virtual page again, keep on working with the zombie within, coaxing it to hunger for the True Food of Christ rather than the things that tear our fellow human beings apart.  We don’t want to see the caution tape around our homes and worship spaces.  Let us remember to take time to examine ourselves daily so that we might keep the zombie virus at bay.

Caution -Zombies